My anxious achievements – April

Where does the time go? I’ve now been living in London for almost two months and I’ve really let my blog gather dust. But fear not, I’ve been making the most of the capital city and gathering tips and inspiration to share with aspiring journos, newbie Londoners and all of you in between. But first thing’s first, it’s about time I round up my best month yet. April, it’s your time to shine.

1. I headed to Wind Street with my friends from home. It’s always a treat to get dressed up, throw on some heels and spend the night laughing with the girls. It’s even better when Las Iguanas 2-4-1 cocktails and halloumi skewers are thrown into the mix.

2.  I received an unexpected message from someone saying how much they loved reading my blog. Yes.

3.  I  went to Wagamama with one of my favourite ladies, and as per, we spent the whole evening crying with laughter. She also gave me a job congratulations card and a homemade carrot cake cupcake (my favourite) She’s a keeper.

4.  I treated myself to some cream Kurt Geiger flats. New job means new shoes. Am I right?

5.  Although the experience as a whole was one of the most frustrating and stressful experienced I’ve been faced with in a long time – between the wrong addresses, lost Uber cabs,  Harry Potter bedrooms and sleeping in an AirBnb which was as peaceful as sleeping on the M4 – spending a couple of days house-hunting with my mother was a great excuse to spend time together and introduce her to the delights of Revolution’s avo and egg on toast.

6.  I went on an Easter break to Exmouth with the family. Whilst we normally jet off at some point in April, between my uncertain job prospects and my sister’s A level exams we decided to explore a new part of the UK, and I’m so glad we did. The weather was absolutely glorious for the entirety of our trip, which was perfect for exploring the Jurassic Coast, taking unfiltered Instagram snaps and for wearing my favourite Ralph Lauren sunnies. If you ask me, Exeter is the UK’s Hamptons.

7. I roadtripped from Devon to London and made an impromptu detour via Stonehenge. We accidentally stumbled upon the ancient landmark en route to London, took the unofficial express selfie tour and left none the wiser to the historical significance of the place.

8. I moved into my first London home. Moving to the city had been a lifelong dream and to finally put my suitcase down in a house in Clapham was a real pinch me moment.

9. I started my first day as Square Up Media’s Editorial Intern. Although my fashion sense is pre-transformation Andy in The Devil Wears Prada, everyone in the office couldn’t have been any more accomodationg or down-to-earth. We have an office ping pong table for goodness sake.

10.  I found my go-to Italian restaurant on Clapham High Street in eco restaurant. An old school friend was kind enough to show me the ropes of south London, which naturally took place over Italian food and cocktails.

11. I stepped foot in Brixton for the first time.  It was  great to finally see Bowie-town for myself.

12.  I enjoyed my first supper club evening with the girls in the office. We ate breadless carrot burgers, drank lots of wine and I got to known the office girls a lot better. It’s how all Wednesdays should be spent.

13. My first online article for Square Mile magazine went live on the website.

14. One of the magazine editors gave me a complimentary bottle of gin. A front runner for boss of the year.

15.  I visited Battersea Park for the first time, which has become one of my favourite London spots.  I sat drinking Earl Grey tea, eating avocado cake, whilst reading a magazine and felt so fabulously London.

16.  I met up with family friends from home for the London Marathon. We went for a meal in Covent Garden before watching the race on Sunday. The atmosphere was like nothing I’d ever experienced. Everyone was so supportive and all ages, shapes and sizes were taking part. It almost made me want to join in. Almost.

17.  One of my oldest school friends became the fastest Brit to finish the Marathon ahead of the elite level runners despite it being his first marathon. He agreed to be interviewed for Square Mile magazine, which helped publicise his achievement and got me a handshake from the CEO. It’s good to have friends in fast places.

18. I met up with an old uni friend in Brixton. We went for food in Barrio where we enjoyed a few cocktails and I ate an incredible cactus quesadilla. Don’t knock it until you try it.

19. I headed to Islington to celebrate one of the girls in work’s birthday. We chilled for hours on the rooftop terrace before heading to a bowling alley which doubled as a nightclub. Only in London ei.


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