My anxious achievements – March

March has always been one of my favourite months because it’s when things start to change. Yes, there’s the whole winter turns into spring malarkey, but it’s also when I often get my mojo back. And this year was no different. As many of you know from my incessant moaning about finding a journalism job, my employment prospects haven’t been too promising so far in 2017. The whole never-ending circle of needing to intern to get a job had been rotating as fast as ever. I no longer had any more money to throw at hiked up hotel prices in London and was starting to understand the struggles of the long-term unemployed. But by some miraculous turn of events the wheel stopped turning and my fortunes began to change. Here’s a round-up of what happened.

1. I spent a day in Mumbles with my mother and sister. We walked along the seafront and enjoyed some great food in Croeso Lounge.

2. Nia and I watched the original Beauty and the Beast, got all the nostalgia feels and realised we’d been quoting it incorrectly for the last 15 years or so! Typical us.

3. In the usual Phillips sisters fashion, we spent a day at the cinema watching Hidden Figures, which is without a doubt one of the best films I’ve had the pleasure of watching. I laughed, I cried, I felt empowered and was reminded that my aptitude for maths is comparable with that of a peanut.

4. One of my oldest school friends sent me a handwritten postcard. She knows the way to my heart.

5. I caught up with one of my old university friends down Cardiff Bay over a cup of Starbucks’ caramel lattes. As always, we had a wonderful time talking about everything and nothing and promised to see each other more often. Fingers crossed.

6. I watched the Wales v Ireland rugby match at the Principality Stadium. There’s something special about a Friday night game as the atmosphere always seems electrified by moonlight. We road-tested one of Cardiff’s newest clubs, Dirty Martini, followed by Chip Pan Alley chips – the obvious highlight of the night.

7. My sister was the absolute cutest when she bought me my signature perfume, an Evil Queen collectible doll and a homemade Beauty and the Beast rose. Talk about sister goals.

8. I lunched at Cardiff’s Coffee Barker.

9. I attended my first blogging event at Bootlegger, Cardiff’s probation-themed bar. I honestly haven’t had such a fab night for as long as I can remember. The bar itself was old-school chic, the cocktails were so unique and the fellow bloggers I met were stars, who I now call my friends.

10. I got my nails done for the first time in six years. I feel I can call myself a proper girl now.

11. I headed to my go-to Cardiff nightclub, Be at One with some of the Cardiff gals. Sometimes you’ve just got to consume all the gin and boogie to 90s classics.

12. I tried my first GBK burger. Extortionately expensive, but worth its weight in gold.

13. I visited Nash Point and Cowbridge for the first time. What a breathtakingly raw, rugged and beautiful landscape. Take that, Wuthering Heights.

14. I went to see the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast and all my expectations were met. All together now, “Noooooooo oooooone fights like Gaston.”

15. I spent the day celebrating Mother’s Day in Saundersfoot. My mother seemed to appreciate the personalised box of pink sweets we’d bought her and the ‘Team McDreamy’ T-shirt which validated her Grey’s Anatomy obsession.

16. One of my closest friends gave birth to a baby girl and I could not be more proud or pleased for her and her partner. I love that we’ve got our first team baby to hug and spoil!

17. I had the best holiday in Geneva. Chocolate, French accents and sunshine. What more could you ask for?


19. We had a Team Phillips gathering at our local pub for my Dad’s birthday, which doubled as my London leaving party. Life is good.


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